Welcome to the Hell you both crave and deserve.

The Glasgow Dominatrix that you had nightmares about

Welcome back to My relaunched website. I am a Dominatrix in Glasgow who is reasonably well established with frequent visits to Aberdeen. You will find everything you need here with regards to My personality, My enjoys as a Dominatrix and the procedures required for booking a session with Me.  

I am not for the faint hearted – I enjoy sessions that other people may consider unhinged or dark. Not all of My sessions are like this and I do get quite a lot of newcomers to visiting a Dominatrix. However they are well aware that I am extremely cruel and sadistic. I am not the Domme for you if you want someone to be nice to you or mildly kinky. I am amused and genuinely entertained by the concept that there are men who are terrified of Me, finding Me unpredictable and completely ruthless. Given free reign, I find it genuinely hilarious to take you to the point where you will beg for Me to stop. I probably won’t listen.

I am very comfortable engaging in dark and shocking sessions. I will use language that you do not like and mock everything you hold precious. A session exists for the purpose of My amusement. I despise monotony and predictability. The more your fetish appeals to My need to corrupt and pollute psychologically, the more likely you are to draw and hold My interest. As a female supremacist, you are and always will be beneath Me. You exist in My world as merely a toy.

Based in Glasgow, I offer discreet, experienced and considered Dominatrix sessions either from My home in Glasgow, or at Abstrakt studios.

By continuing further (and beyond the age disclaimer), you are agreeing that you understand the content contained within this website contains depictions and discussion of heavy to extreme sadomasochism, and BDSM fantasies that some may consider dark or offensive. I am not your mother (if I was, I would never have wanted you) and I am not responsible for your actions, disturbance nor offence should you choose to progress.

If you do not wish to continue, here is your safe word to end the scene now.

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