session with Me

make poor life choices with Me.

If you have got this far and love the idea of being reduced to absolute nothing by an extremely vindictive and heartless Dominatrix, I’d love to play with you! I offer both real time and online Dominatrix sessions. I am available on weekends (as some people believe I only keep office hours) – sometimes weekends are actually easier for Me. 

I am based in the leafy and exclusive suburbs of Glasgow’s West End. There is paid parking available a five minute walk from Me, but I am also easily accessible via regular trains via Glasgow Queen Street and a 10-15 min walk from the Glasgow subway. I would suggest that you simply take public transport and avoid the stress of driving around the West end. In saying that, I thoroughly enjoy refusing to let Glasgow City Council tell me where I can and cannot drive with nonsense about emissions so I stress that parking is very much plentiful. I regularly visit Aberdeen and am available for Dominatrix sessions there. 

I no longer have My home dungeon space but it is still well equipped for My first love – breathplay/intox – and fantastically discreet. This in turn means that I expect the same of you as a visitor to My home. Whilst I will be downsizing somewhat from My old place, My home is still very comfortable and suited to the types of BDSM play that I enjoy greatly.

For those who enjoy elements of BDSM I cannot accommodate in My new home (i.e. intense suspension bondage) I am available at Abstrakt studios you must arrange this with sufficient notice to accommodate the schedule of both Myself and the studio.

Arranging your Dominatrix session


1 hour: £180

1.5 hours: £240

2 hours: £300

2.5 hours: £350

3 hours: £400

4 hours: £550

I do offer social time separate to this if you would like to go for a meal etc – this is charged at £100 per hour and is non-negotiable. I will not “meet you somewhere” unless it is for the purpose of financial domination (“cash meets”) which requires a £50 deposit. 

I accept payment via bank transfer (into My business bank account, which is discreet and anonymous) or cash on the day (deposits must be paid electronically). For those who require anonymity I may offer other options. I do not accept payment via Amazon giftcards, Paypal, Clubcard vouchers or whatever else you dream up as I am not an Insta Dominatrix who was born yesterday. Please see My FAQs if you are truly stuck.

A deposit of 50% is required in order to confirm your booking; if you need to reschedule, I am flexible on one occasion. If you cancel a second time or do not show, your deposit is forfeited. If I need to cancel, I will offer the chance of rescheduling at a mutually acceptable time. If we cannot agree on a date or time then I will refund your deposit. The latter is rare and I have only done it in extreme circumstances beyond My control entirely.

Asking for or attempting to obtain sexual services will see your session cancelled with no refund of cost. You are a grown adult on an adult website, a website you sought out for a specific purpose. If I need to explain the definition of “sexual services” then you are too immature to be in this arena.

You MUST contact Me the day before your booking to confirm. Even people who pay deposits have things happen in their life beyond their control at the last minute (and I am decent about genuine emergencies – although I will wonder if your parents came from a litter if you have all these aunts and uncles dying). If I do not get confirmation from you I will assume you have changed your mind and forfeited the deposit. 

I do not accept session bookings via telephone, and I do not like forms as they are impersonal. You can reach me on I have been told some people may have issues with this email address – if this is the case please email me on Lengthier emails that have some thought put into them are always more well received. I will almost certainly ignore short emails that give Me no indication as to what you look for in a session; I would remind you that as I offer Dominatrix services deemed quite niche to some, a large chunk of My sessions are taken up with this. I aim to reply to emails within 48-72 hours.

If you give Me no indication what you are looking for, I have no idea why you are contacting Me specifically. 

Many submissives come to Me for Dominatrix activities because of either intox, or how unhinged I can be in sessions. I do not know if you are looking for truly vile and degrading, to be suffocated or if you are wanting someone to ease you into BDSM and you just find Me entertaining. There is no point in being shy about it as you are ultimately asking Me (or any other Dominatrix) to abuse you for entertainment. 

We can break that shyness out of you though