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the woman behind the whip

Meaner than your ex wife.

Hello. I am a professional sadist, and I am told that I am very good at it. 

I am of the belief that ‘Dominance’ is a natural, ingrained trait that you either possess or you do not. From a young age I have been described as ‘type-A’ or bossy; language traditionally used to chastise girls into behaving meekly. I enjoy being in control of everything in my life. Being a Dominatrix is an extension of that core element of My personality. It is likely why I am warm and courteous to those I meet – unless we have arranged a session elsewhere, you are almost certainly a guest in My home and, until the point a session commences, are treated like any other guest. I simply have nothing to prove.

Bold yet friendly and approachable, I am very much at home with Myself and who I am. I almost never raise My voice, either in session or out of it. A submissive can only give themselves to you if there is a foundation of trust. This is what I seek to establish with those I play with, or who look to session with Me. There is always fun to be had with a fetishist who revels in their hedonism. The greatest power of all is to be found in submission. This is borne from mutual trust and respect.

The Dominatrix is a woman who is as much in control of herself as those who submit to her. I seek submissives who I respect on an intellectual level as the psychological manipulation involved in BDSM holds a twisted, degenerate thrill for Me. In order to break you, I have to respect you.

That being said, I am a nasty piece of work with one of the sharpest tongues you will encounter. Described by someone once as being 5’3″ of pure sadism which I still find flattering. Psychological Domination is more likely to turn My head than corporal punishment (although I do enjoy it periodically) – if I am not mentally stimulated I am almost certainly bored. (Un)fortunately for you, I despise being bored and do everything in My power to avoid it – mainly at your expense. I like scenes that will get you cancelled on Twitter. I am beholden to no-one and nothing besides My own desires and need for entertainment. I am mean, and I am cruel, and I am comfortable with who I am.

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you'd look good on your knees.

I believe in gynarchy/female supremacy. The male is simply happier when he accepts his position either in servitude or submission to Dominant women. Part of the problem males face is their hypersexualisation; by locking it up where they cannot get their grubby hands on it, you can begin the process of corrective behaviour. 

I do not believe the male is beyond redemption – he simply requires strict, disciplined and regular treatment by Alpha Females. This is unfortunately where so many have been failed. They are allowed to roam freely, untrained and unleashed, and the problem is evident. Swift intervention, whether the male wishes it or not, is the first step. One of my proposals has long been for;

  1. the rapid caging of the male
  2. the removal of Christian forenames in a bid to cease a sense of ‘self’ (is your TV called Paul? We do not commonly name objects)
  3. public evidence of corrective behaviour (as a tool, and a warning to other males who will learn by witnessing the event)
The male has been allowed to believe the myth his desires matter. They do not. In My world, you are nothing but an object. 
There are many women who claim to be female supremacists. I truly believe in the concept of gynarchy. The female sex is simply superior. Males should be seen and not heard, which is why I particularly love gas masks, hoods and gags. All women, at some point in their life, should experience the joy of a naked male chained to the floor practically in tears with frustration. I think of this as merely housebreaking a pet. Males achieve more under gynarchy; they are incapable of making decisions for themselves and often suffer with chronic onanism. In gynarchy, the male has no choice, including over his sexuality, and this makes the male more productive. Many resist it at first, due to their chronic masturbation. You only have to look at lone males who convince themselves they are ‘alpha’ to see they go quite, quite mad. Under the cold grip of gynarchy/female supremacy, the male may actually have some use.

the only path to salvation is through your Dominatrix.

I offer both online and real time sessions, although I am not a full time Dominatrix and have a demanding career outside of this which I thoroughly enjoy. I am simply a sadist by natural selection which may or may not be lucky for you. For Me, being a Dominatrix is a release valve for another side of My personality. If I was not a Dominatrix, I would still seek to control any and all elements possible of My life and the self assurance those who have met Me have commented upon would remain. 

I live My life according to how I want; I hold views, beliefs and opinions that I want, not at the behest of trends or obligation to anyone. To be Dominant, for Me, is not a constant display of cruelty and vulgarity where I am beating My chest (although I do find it amusing if you fear Me). It is self reliance, self control and confidence in My own innate sense of self. 

Dominance is innate. 

My enjoys list is covered here, but I have a particular love for breathplay/intox/smothering and electrics, as well as blackmail scenes. The psychological cruelty that comes with Domination/sadism has a much stronger pull for Me than corporal punishment, although I have been told that being at the working end of My tawse is quite a vicious experience. I’ve never seen a man who doesn’t look pretty on his knees with streaming eyes and a full mouth.

I am very good with those new to Domination but I am not the person for you if you want “sensual” Domination. You are in her DMs asking to be tied up and teased. Cute. I am in your nightmares. We are not the same. 

Due to My obsession with control and psychological BDSM, despite how vindictive I am, I am very good with those new to Domination. I do enjoy pushing your boundaries, but I do not enjoy breaking someone’s consent. It is far more entertaining to Me to push someone that little bit closer to discomfort, to begging Me to stop, to feeling completely helpless. Several submissives I have met have been first timers.

Under no circumstances do I offer sexual services; asking will see your session cancelled with no refund of deposit. If you make reference to it during a session you will be blocked from future sessions. If you want prostitution services then go and visit one; do not waste My time nor embarrass yourself.

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"The natural superiority of Women is a biological fact"

Ashley Montagu