Frequently asked questions

I have zero interest in, nor desire to, interact(ion) or scenes with couples. Lone women are very much welcome.

I am not in the habit of doing things I dislike nor spending time with people I dislike. You underestimate Me; if I was not a Mistress/Dominatrix I still would have an absolute need for control.

My face is on clips on my LoyalFans, IWC, C4S. I just haven’t updated my photos on here. Sorry if you thought I’d look like Anne Widdicombe in person. 

I do not work with female-attracted male Dominants as I don’t believe in the concept of ‘male dominance’ nor ‘alpha males’. There are submissive men, who are acceptable, and then there are males who have not been housetrained. I have submissive males who will do whatever Mistress tells them.

Depends on the session, depends on My mood on the day. I would not arrive at a session with the expectation as some men simply cannot due to the nature of whatever is happening to them in a session. You’ll set yourself up for disappointment if you go into sessions with a singular goal at the end then find your body will not do what your brain expects. 

Yes, but please do not bring Me flowers. If you really want to bring Me a physical gift I love perfume most of all. I like very deep, musky, sharp perfumes like Armandi Code, J’Adore, Alien, Gucci Guilty, Prada, Viktor & Rolf BonBon – but you genuinely cannot go wrong with any perfume. I rarely drink but I do like white wine, champagne and kitchsy gin. 

Yes, I have pleasant shower facilities. I have kicked men out without a shower for no other reason other than it is a long drive and I find it funny making them have to sit in a car in their own filth. Whether you get to use it or not is entirely dependant on My mood.

No – I have a blog on this here. A lot of men will seek Me out because they wish to try these activities and it has become a niche I am quite skilled with, but I do offer other sessions. 

Rarely although there are a couple that I genuinely like and will work with. I prefer to be a lone huntress.

I do film sessions sometimes. You are welcome to ask Me if you can be in filmed sessions although I will remind you that those for publication will require your legal ID. This is a requirement of clip sites as I personally do not care if you call yourself Ivan of Romania. I do not have an issue if you require your face covered or your voice edited to ensure anonymity. 

Please be aware that I frequently engage in quite unhinged sessions to many which are incredibly entertaining to Me. The internet is forever – your horn is not.

I can be extremely vicious and unhinged but I also am not a sociopath who can’t read the room. People are unique. I do not have a one size fits all mentality to BDSM. 

No, and no I am not interested in however much else you offer as a bribe to attempt to get Me to change My mind. I have far better things to do with My time than sit around waiting on a poorly organised subpar male, and you have told Me – without telling Me – that you are going to be absolutely insufferable to boot with your sense of entitlement. 

You have also told Me that you are a flake who calls any Mistress who is willing to see them. Nothing about this holds any appeal or amusement for Me.

I only use amyl from reputable retailers. I prefer using a modified gas mask or a plastic bag. You are welcome to go visit someone who charges the same rate I do who will let you slip a hand whilst using Shein grade poppers (i.e. isopropyl) and go blind if you want. I am very, very good at what I do and a genuinely highly skilled Mistress particularly in My niche; very experienced and very much aware of both parties’ safety.

Yes, I have no problems seeing those with disabilities. I would like to think that I have always been able to strike a balance between making allowance for someone’s disability and patronising them. I may ask you more questions about the impact your disability has on you.  

I see quite a lot of submissives who are not that ‘extreme’. I do not assume any level of experience solely because you have enquired with Me. There are people who book sessions with Me because they find Me entertaining and want to play at their own level. Most of the first sessions I have with people are somewhat muted until I have established what I can do safely with that person. Most people who have met Me will also say that I am extremely friendly and warm outside of a session with a genuine interest in others. 

And if I’m being pedantic, you put yourself in the fetal position by crawling into it. I have not had to put anyone in the recovery position yet.

No, I don’t like the habit.

I have a busy career outside of this. If you are lucky you may catch Me within 24-48 hours. It is normal for Me to have sessions booked weeks if not months in advance.

Yes, and laughed in their face and told them to man up. Obviously BDSM is an expression of fantasy. I mean, you’d have to be a man to man up in the first place. I have had men ask if I would be uncomfortable reducing them to tears. I consider it a goal but okay. I also find it quite funny that I’m 5’3 barefoot and have grown men terrified of Me. 

Outside of sessions I am comfortable with being called Carina or Mistress Carina. During sessions I prefer Mistress. If I want to be spiteful I will make you say Mistress DeMedici 10 times quickly as I find it downright hilarious watching people stumble.

and now for the mad, bad and stupid questions to a Mistress

This is like asking Me if I hate the washing machine. It serves a function yet remains an object in either My ownership or possession. Beyond the point in which it serves a practical use, I have no other need for it. 

If you struggle with discriminating between fantasy/entertainment between consenting adults aware of what they are engaged in and reality beyond that, I doubt that you are emotionally equipped to deal with BDSM. I do not assume that Leonardo DiCaprio died of hypothermia in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the early 20th century when the Titanic sank, but perhaps you also do. This I cannot help you with.

If you were a “male Dominant” or “bull” you’d be able to get laid without having to sniff around women in these industries, least of all Dominatrixes/Mistresses under these moronic terms. Go crawl back under your rock with some Tate podcast.

No, I have a great relationship with Mine. Its why I have to have some level of respect for male submissives outside of a session – primarily on an intellectual level – and also realise some men are complete dicks.

Sadly I can’t help you with your deep rooted mother issues when you are angered by women who tell you no.

Mistress sessions are not something that you find on Student Beans so no.

I don’t care about what you want and I don’t care about what other Mistresses/Dommes do or think. I care about what amuses Me and what other women do, think or feel isn’t putting money in My bank account.

There are people who are “mentally unwell” (either via genuine illness or the inference of being a terrible person – or both) in all walks of life. Some of the latter will find a home in BDSM in the same way that they will find a home in any other avenue where they can exploit power/hide in plain sight. They are unlikely to be found in the ‘professional’ scene – this is not a case of pro vs lifestyle as ultimately in both scenes there is some form of trail via connections, mixed circles etc. What you are describing is abuse, and abusers (often being narcissists) will seek out any and all plausible deniability. BDSM would only be one of many veils worn.

In reference to genuine mental illness, mental illness is widespread. Some people may use sexual fantasies (including BDSM) to escape problems in the same way others abuse substances – and there are others who go for a drink at the weekend simply for fun. The world is already full of busybodies who wish to police everyone’s thoughts, speech and behaviour. Someone responsible with BDSM will not only establish boundaries but explain risks. 

A responsible Dominatrix will also realise when a submissive is approaching their limit and end a session – or speak to them about their concerns. 

I am not in the practice of patronising grown adults; the majority of people with mental health issues are a) living and working among everyone else and b) likely undiagnosed (especially if they are male) due to stigma. Pop psychology is a real thing now and I personally couldn’t care less if someone uses this as escapism in the same way someone else books a long weekend in Prague to relax. I suspect common sense is a dying trait now.

I have never shit where I eat in terms of mixing work with My private life and you are no exception. The submissives that I meet are almost certainly attracted to Dominant women. You are no different except you want My attention/services for free and they have enough respect to respect My boundaries. 

Sure, I love having the police called to My house for keeping strange men naked in cages and unable to leave for the rest of their natural lives. Seems like a life goal. Everyone knows I love having the cops called on Me.

I am a capitalist. I like money. I like having a lot of money. If you are reading this and equally felt a slow burning rage at the SNP taxing you, then we can be friends.

When I die, I wish to be entombed like the Egyptian pharaohs, with all My expensive possessions and worldly goods that the government will try to fuck My estate for inheritance tax. I told you that I am comfortable in who and what I am. I like having a comfortable lifestyle, wanting for nothing, knowing My bills are paid, and that I am reliant on no one else. If you do not covet this for yourself then I cannot help you and feel a mild level of pity toward you.