Meet your Mistress

These are photos from My most up to date Mistress photoshoot, held at Abstrakt studios. I will take more photos when I have completed My move to My beautiful new location in Glasgow west end. You are available to book Dominatrix sessions with Me either at My own location (a short walk from main train stations passing through Glasgow Queen St, or a ten minute walk from the Glasgow subway) or in Glasgow city centre itself at Abstrakt studios. If you seek intox I generally prefer sessions at My own property for no other reason than I use good quality products and the smell lingers. I suspect I am oblivious to it now.

Please note that if you are booking sessions with Me at Abstrakt studios, you must consider a notice period that allows for both My schedule and other commitments that may be on at the Studio. I rarely have last minute availability and it is almost certain that the dungeon, being one of the busiest in Glasgow, will be able to accommodate short notice requests. 

I do not show My face on advertising for professional reasons. I have found it quite entertaining when men show up to find themselves quite clearly attracted to Me and find themselves even more dumbfounded. Very much a case of “oh no, she is actually really hot – and now she is going to kick me in the balls, because I was stupid enough to tell her to do it”. I do, infrequently (because I am both lazy and extremely busy elsewhere) record sessions. Given that I do not show My face in advertising, I have no issues with submissives wishing to do similar.